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The Computer Doctor is Certified in Computer, Smartphone/Cell Phone and Tablet Repair and Offers Website Design and MUCH More


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  • Computer Repairs, Sales, Upgrades & Recycling
  • Smartphone/Cell Phone, Game Console, Tablet & iPad Repair
  • Virus and Spyware Removal and Hard Drive Replacement
  • Office Networking Solutions
  • Website Design, Hosting, and e-Commerce Consulting
  • Quickbooks, Accounting, Database & Business Process Consulting

Who Provides Computer Repair and Quickbooks Consulting Services?

Quickbooks Consultant Greg Talbot

The Computer Doctor is owned and operated by Greg Talbot in Newberry, SC. I received my first personal home computer, an IBM PCjr with a whopping 128k memory, back in 1984. (I just realized that I now have 30+ years of computer experience!) For the technically-challenged, 128k memory is about 1/32,000 of the memory power of a typical laptop these days. Anyway, it was love at first sight, and I’ve considered myself a computer geek ever since.

Years of Computer Experience

In the early days of home computing, there weren’t too many places to get your computer fixed, so I had to learn to do it myself. Since then, I have repaired, built, and rebuilt more computers than I could possibly count, always keeping up with the latest operating systems, hardware and software advances.

I am a former CPA, manufacturing plant controller and information technology manager, focused on business process improvement and computer system analysis and design, with an emphasis on databases. As a former accountant, I even understand ERP systems and debits and credits! Not only do I understand computers, I can tell you if your business data coming out is correct or not.

Formal Training in Programming, Database, Computer Repair and Web Technologies

I have completed hundreds of hours of coursework in SQL Server, Network+, A+, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML, Javascript, VisualBasic, c#, and Photoshop. I’ve probably left out a few. I am CompTia A+ Certified in computer hardware and Wild PCS Level III Master Tech Certified for smartphone and tablet repairs. Let’s just say I have an unofficial masters degree in computer technology. I’ve even taught classes in QuickBooks, Visual Basic, Excel, Microsoft Access and CSS.

Now, I’m located in Newberry, SC, not far from Prosperity, Saluda, and Chapin, and I’m one of the few in this small Southern town repairing computers for anyone who needs help. I also do screen replacements of laptops, smartphones and iPads.

Have Your Website Design Done By a Successful Online Seller

My computer business is located in the same building as my other business, is an online antique business, specializing in selling imported antique French and European furniture. I’ve applied my background knowledge of computers to develop an e-Commerce business that has turned into one of the largest antique furniture businesses anywhere online. We have 3,000+ positive feedbacks on eBay and counting!

I developed the website for EuroLux, our eBay presence and have even designed the database software that runs it all! Let my knowledge of how to sell online work for you. Not only do I design websites, but I know how to make money off the web. It’s hard work to set up a successful e-Commerce site, but it can be done with the right organizational skills and product. Many web designers can design your site, but very few of them actually make money selling products on the web, and even fewer are able to share that experience with you.

Big City Computer Repair Services – Reasonable Small Town Prices

Because I share my computer business office space with EuroLux, my overhead is low and I can just about beat anyone’s computer repair prices with better turnaround time and more personalized service. The Geek Squad has nothing on me!

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