The Computer Doctor is now Wild PCS Level III Smartphone Repair Certified in Newberry, SC!

What the heck is Wild PCS Level III Certified, you ask? It means that I am certified to perform all major smartphone repairs, right down to circuit board-level replacement of components. I’ve been doing light cell phones and tablet repair for a little while now, but I recently attended a week-long of extensive hands-on training in Atlanta, completing the courseĀ  with flying colors. When you mess up your phone or tablet, The Computer Doctor has you covered!

    • Cracked screens? No problem.
    • Bad audio jack or data/charging port? I can fix it!
    • Dropped your cellphone in the pool? I can probably fix it. It’s best NOT to plug the phone in after sustaining liquid damage. Electricity DECREASES the likelihood of recovery success, especially if it was dropped in salt water.
    • Want a jazzed-up smartphone with a custom color case that no one else has? I can do it. Please call ahead to check available colors and prices for your phone model. These are special order items.
    • Many of the skills I learned also apply to laptop and desktop computers, so I’m excited to start offering motherboard REPAIR, instead of replacement, when possible.
    • I should be adding data transfer to the mix very shortly, as well. When you upgrade your phone with the big carriers–Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile–they transfer your contacts ONLY to your new phone. Did you know you can also transfer your pictures, apps and settings? You can even do this if you’re switching between iOS and Android phones! Coming soon at the Computer Doctor.